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Quality seal


The high quality standard of rational is demonstrated in its compliance with the highest standards and the granting of a 5-year guarantee vis-à-vis its contract partners in cases of proven manufacturing or material faults (free-of-charge replacement with regard to both function and quality of workmanship).

ISO 9001
rational enforces the Quality Management System to DIN ISO 9001:2000


Approved safety

The Golden M
rational is one of the few furniture manufacturers to have been awarded Europe's most coveted quality seal. With rational you know you are purchasing high-grade furniture that has been reliably tested for harmful substances.
Working Group "The Modern Kitchen"
rational is a member of the AMK - Arbeitsgmeinschaft Die moderne Küche - (Working Group "The Modern Kitchen"). Subject to the German Industrial Standards (DIN) rational manufactures all its fitted kitchens according to these practical and ergonomic requirements.