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Sealing in your interests
The kitchen is the family's living space and it's here where cooking, eating and family life takes place.
Surface with roll-off effect
TopTec is a surface coating with a unique non-stick and roll-off effect. Thanks to TopTec's unique non-stick properties any kind of soiling is easy to remove. Even water-proof pens, wax crayons, finger paints, grease, oil, spray paint or felt-tip pens do not pose a problem here because they lie loose on the surface, like a droplet of water on a lotus leaf. TopTec is colourless and neutral on wood, laminate and lacquered surfaces. At the same time TopTec is scratch-resistant and abrasion-proof. In this way TopTec ensures that your rational kitchen will always retain its value.
Ask your reliable rational trading partner about TopTec.

Rigorously tested - TopTec
Our tests demonstrate the endurance of TopTec's roll-off effect. While liquids usually run on surfaces, on a TopTec treated surface they simply roll off just like on a lotus leaf. It's the same with dirt particles which cannot adhere to the non-stick sealing.
We have brought TopTec into contact with various substances and left them to take effect over 16 hours.
The result: none of the substances left any trace!
The following substances were tested: acetone, aqueous ammonia, benzine, beer, butter, Cola, disinfectant, acetic acid, ethanol, ethyl-butylacetate, sodium chloride, evaporated milk, lipstick, natrium carbonate, olive oil, powdered coffee, detergent solution, red and white wine, blackcurrant juice, black tea, water, citric acid and onions.