Our Rational Brochure

Thanks for getting in touch with us. The brochure download options are below. This will download as a pdf that you may choose to print (it's quite big!) or you can view on your screen. Downloading your brochure from Rational Kitchens is the first step in the process of your new kitchen.

The brochure will show you studio layouts of the kitchens. It will not represent the fantastic opportunity you have to produce an amazing kitchen with the vast complexities Rational has to offer.

Did you know that most doors are available in 116 colour and finish options?

There are six main finishes with a wide range of colours:

Melamine – 34 Colours,  Laminate – 8 Colours, Veneer – 22 Colours, Glass – 4 Colours, Soft Lacquer – 25 Colours, High Gloss Lacquer – 23 Colours

Rational Kitchens - Brochure Download

Once you have worked through the brochure do get in touch with us for more specific information or for a chat about your own kitchen plans. We are an authorised Rational dealer based in Sheffield. Why not call in if you live locally?

We cover the whole of the UK (see our Portfolio) so will be happy to come to you if you want a visit. Alternatively, we can manage the whole kitchen design process remotely with the aid of of our 3D design software - find out more about how we work.

Real Homes - Real Kitchens

We are so proud of the work we have done across the UK over the last 20 years. Our portfolio consists of real life jobs in different home across the the UK.

Every job is different, every brief an enjoyable challenge. We have tackled everything from small upgrades, to large kitchens as part of a major building project. We will work with your builders and architects to bring your dreams to life. 

Our Design Process

We have been designing and installing Rational kitchens for over 20 years. We are as comfortable working with outline sketches as we are architects plans and drawings.

Our process is designed to ensure you get the kitchen you want and deserve. Our collaborative approach, either in person or remotely, will leave you in charge. Our software is state of the art and will bring your kitchen to life with the 3D virtual tour.

You will receive working drawings, a plan and illustrations. We will work with you until you are happy with what you see. Our flexible approach will allow you to test out different budgets before making any sort of commitment.

Would you like to discuss your kitchen plans?

If you need to discuss your project or our design options, get in touch now.

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