Our Design Process

We have a flexible approach to the design process and will accommodate the needs of the client as much as possible. We do have some key stages that need to be checked off along the way to ensure we deliver against the client brief. 

We will act on your behalf and mange the kitchen element of the process directly with the end client. This works well for all. Us, the Architect and the end client. 

Key stages of our design process

Suitability Study

This is the key stage in our design process. We are always keen to preempt any long term problems by assessing the needs of the household. We review the size of the planned kitchen in relation to the size of household. We want to know how the kitchen will be used and to understand the demands that will be placed on proposed appliances.

Key concerns - refrigeration, storage, work areas

Initial Design

Assuming we are working off-plan we will draw the space using Compusoft Winner software. We then add the initial kitchen cabinets to the space. This first draft design is always treated as a starting point. We don't expect sign off!

The design is shared with the client via a web link. They will receive plans views, visuals and a virtual reality view. We supply VR goggles to enable the client to view via their smartphone.  Watch a VR Project Demo.

Design Review

We review the design together with the client. The first design often reveals previously over looked requirements that we can then factor into our re-design. At this stage, we start to play around with ranges, colours and finishes. The client will also be able to start thinking about overall budget.

Final Design

We work through the design and review process until the client is happy. Typically, we work through at least four or five iterations of the initial design but have been known to go well into double figures.

Each design is shared with all plans, visuals and the virtual view updated and sent to the end client. This historical view allows us and the client to compare previous versions. This transparency is a strong plus - clients do not end up feeling bamboozled by the whole process.

Order Process

Once the final design is signed off we process the order via the relevant manufacturer. All designs and orders are subject to a series of technical checks to ensure the end product is as agreed.

If we are working on a supply only basis, we agree and confirm a delivery date. We remain available for installation support and on-going service at this stage. For supply and fit jobs, we will liaise with the client and our installation team manage the process.

Customer Support

We continue to support the client during the installation process and beyond. Any products issues or defects will be managed by our team. We will ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

We try to photograph and obtain reviews for every job we manage.