Our Kitchen Design Process

Our design process has been refined and developed over the last 20 years. The industry has changed, the manufacturing and production processes have been improved and, most importantly, customer demands and expectations have shifted. We have worked hard to make sure our approach has moved with the times. Our E-Design service now accounts for about 80% of our business. Customers have less time to spend travelling back and forth to showrooms for long winded presentations. We can now deliver a superior service via email, phone calls and shared web services.

We have created a simple guide to how we work and hopefully answered a few of your questions in advance.

Typical 10 Stage Process

Initial Contact

We need to start somewhere. Get in touch and let's discuss your plans. Call on 0114 3996884 or email us.

Sign up to E-Design Service

Our standard process starts with the design service. This costs £240 and is fully refundable against the cost of your new kitchen. Find out more.

Initial Consultation

The consultation is a chance for the designer to fully understand your plans. They will cover off your  wish list, storage requirements, ideas on style and how you intend to use the kitchen.

Design Phase

We will build a model of your kitchen space using our cutting edge design software. First draft kitchen designs are shared via web link with virtual reality walk through (we supply the VR goggles). Tweaks and changes are then discussed. The designer will continue this process until you are happy. This process can take two weeks or two months.

First Payment

Once you are happy and ready to order, we take a deposit payment of £1000 (£760 if you have used the E-design service). At this stage we release all design paperwork, book production with Rational (Germany) and produce technical drawings for construction including electrical and plumbing schematics.

Final Stage Design

There is still time to make last minute changes even after the final drawings are agreed and the order placed. It may be that the space wasn’t fully constructed and a final site survey is required for example. Or, your dream layout may have changed during the design phase. We will work together to finalise any last minute changes.

Project Management

Once we have a final design we present a project document complete with builder's information, trade information, fitting schedule/programme of works and all technical drawings. These documents should allow all relevant parties to work together.

Next Stage Payment

At this stage 90% of the remaining balance is requested. This is due 10 days prior the delivery and fitting of your new kitchen.  (You retain a 10% balance until the job is complete).


Installation of the kitchen furniture commences when all the building works are complete. You can use our kitchen fitters to install the furniture and appliances or you can use your own local fitters. Either way we are on hand to assist. Construction works including all electrical works and plumbing works will be carried out by locally sourced tradespeople.

Final Payment

Once the kitchen is complete and you are happy, we will request a final payment from you.

Getting Started

It's simple. Call us or email and we can talk you through the process. There's no obligation and you can take the chance to ask any questions you may have.

How long does this all take?

The process of producing a perfect kitchen design and satisfying all your needs is always dependent on how much time you have spare to make and review your decisions. Typically, we see projects taking between two weeks and two months to finalise.

The process has been streamlined as technology and the way we work has changed. We are now able to manage the whole kitchen design process remotely without the need for the customer to come to the showroom at all. The traditional showroom model is still popular despite the advances in technology but does tend to take longer to work through.

How much does a Rational Kitchen cost?

Many factors effect the cost of a kitchen but specialist worktops and a large number of high end appliances are often the areas where budgets can begin to rise.

What we can tell you is that most clients spend around £18,000.00 - £20,000.00 on a Rational kitchen. A kitchen of this cost will include an average size kitchen, a full set of appliances (Neff or Siemens), Quartz or Corian worktops and a dry fit. (A dry fit covers the installation of the furniture and appliances but doesn't include building work, electrical or plumbing works)