Designing your kitchen

Maybe you have an idea about your dream kitchen, maybe just a colour in mind? For every detailed plan we see, there are hundreds of kitchens that start off as a rough sketch or a photo. Every kitchen plan needs to go through the design process if you hope to achieve the ultimate kitchen. The team at Rational Kitchens offer a professional design service to help bring the dream to life. We have also made our own 3D kitchen design tool available if you are ready to take on the design challenge yourself.

If you want a bit of hand holding and somebody to cut through all the noise, you should consider the professional service. Your ideas and wish lists will be be realised via our design team. You will see your kitchen appear via our virtual reality walk through. We work with customers all over the country using this method.

If you feel more capable of pulling together your own kitchen ideas, you might like to have a go with our 3D kitchen design tool. All you need to do is register and you are free to start designing. The online planner has a standard kitchen range built into the software. Once your design is complete we will happily work with you to create a quote based on your chosen Rational kitchen range.

You do it...

  • Design your own 3D kitchen
  • Add kitchen cabinets, worktops and appliances
  • Change kitchen door style and colour
  • Save, print and share your kitchen plans

Design your own kitchen

You will be re-directed to our planning software site – 3dkitchenplanner to complete this action. The site will open in a new window. There is a very simple registration step before you can start designing.

Get in touch if you need help with your design.

Start designing now

Let us do it...

  • Phone consultation
  • Unlimited kitchen design changes
  • Full working drawing supplied
  • Technical check before purchase

Professional design service

Have a look at the ways in which our professional design team can help you to achieve your dream kitchen.

Look at some of our previous work and get in touch to discuss your own ideas.

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I already have a kitchen design...

If you already have a kitchen design but need advice and a price, get in touch with your plans and we will happily provide you with a quote based on your chosen Rational kitchen range. All we need is either a plan or a list of cabinets.

Instant Quote

  • Online quote based on your design
  • You send us your plans and/or list
  • Quote created within 24 hours
  • Simplifies the price comparison process

Online Quote

If you are busy looking for the best price for your new kitchen, why not send us your plans and we will happily provide you with a no obligation quote?

Simply send us your design and/or your cabinet list and we will provide you with a like for like quote.

Kitchen Design Team

Take advantage of our professional kitchen design team on your new kitchen project. With over 20 years experience the team are experts when it comes to bringing new kitchen to life. The planning process will help you make the difficult decisions as you work through each step of the process. If you do decide to have a go via our 3D kitchen design tool, the team will be on hand to help you with any queries you may have.

We do it - you do it

How do you decide whether to commit to the professional service versus the hands on DIY kitchen design process? It might be worth speaking to us initially to get a feel for the level of service on offer. You should also review some of our work and have a look at an example design. The next step is to have a go at designing your own space if you feel like it. It's a pretty simple process and might help you to work through your ideas without feeling any pressure.

Our service

We have been designing kitchens for over 20 years. We know the product range inside out and can help you to avoid common pitfalls as well as helping you to work through any tricky decisions. Geography is not an issue either. We have designed and fitted kitchens all across the UK. If you can't make it to our showroom, we can handle the whole process remotely. Our virtual reality walk through will bring your kitchen to life. We can arrange kitchen samples to give the touchy feely experience we know you need.

Our kitchen portfolio

We are very proud of our kitchen installation. So proud that we have photographed a few for your pleasure.

Our design software

Whether you are a professional kitchen designer or a novice homeowner, creating a kitchen design is far easier when you have access to kitchen design software. An online kitchen planner will really simplify the first stages of the design process. Once you've measured the space you can get straight into the design. We have some recommendations in terms of the planning stage - wishlsits, mood boards, inspriation, etc - but a design tool will help bring it all to life.

Our design tool is so simple. There is no lengthy download, no payment, no restrictions. Al you need to do is follow a link, register the first time and then you are free to use as much as you need to. You can save every version of your kitchen and can even share with family and friends if feedback and advice are needed. We have a standard kitchen range loaded into the design tool but will happily work with you to re-create your finished designs in a Rational kitchen range. Try it for yourself and see how you get on.