Atmos Kitchen

Product Overview

Atmos: pure aesthetics and functional design

For purists seeking aesthetics and a functional design in every last detail, the choice is easy. It’s called atmos. Two things are central to this design: an elegant, timeless play of colours in stone grey, polar white and graphite as well as a clearly defined and perfectly structured composition. Atmos kitchens are available in an array of different finishes ranging from high-gloss and soft lacquers through various coloured glass fronts to simulated wood finishes and real wood veneers. The new fine-structured wood decor fleetwood graphite captivates on account of its fascinating, almost filigree-like appearance and tactile appeal.

Irrespective of the finish chosen, with its unmistakable cubic style and precise, horizontal lines, atmos never fails to enthrall. Thus, every design is perfectly structured, affording the living space a well ordered sense of balance. Thanks to the clever carcase construction atmos offers not only significantly more storage space but also greater functionality and user-friendliness; here, in place of the conventional plinth solution, 39 cm high base units have been planned. This is delightfully complemented by the handle-less fronts in stone grey and the glass-fronted wall units in gleaming polar white. The interesting and unusual island solution is an eye-catcher par excellence. It protrudes into the centre of the living-dining kitchen, almost as if it were floating.

All that glitters ain’t gold...

The new trend kitchens are warm and inviting. The combination of indigo supermatt – a rich shade of blue – and striking gold-effect melamine offers a play on contrasts. The atmos model distinguishes itself by a refined elegance and an exquisite material-colour mix. The compact cubic-looking design focuses on elegant, clean lines that convey an understated symmetry. The special vibrancy of atmos evolves from an exciting blend of warmth and coolness. The warmth of the striking gold effect encounters the coolness of the trend colour indigo, producing extraordinary contrasts in the process. A precious natural stone – a marble block in black fusion – incorporated into the otherwise simple layout accentuates the room architecture, serving at the same time as an additional workstation. A panelled wall, presenting itself as an alternative to wall units, merges harmoniously into the overall design. The cooking island in deep indigo blue (the colour of integrity and wisdom) acts as a counterpart to the tall units in a striking gold effect – a melamine featuring natural textures.

atmos - tasteful & harmonious

The atmos model is characterized by a tasteful elegance in natural shades and an exquisite material mix. The strikingly compact-cubistic design is based on crisp, clean lines that make for an understated look with perfectly balanced proportions. The particular charm of the atmos is based on an exciting blend of naturalness and coolness. The warm, earthy trend colour fango encounters antagonists in cool black glass, giving rise to exceedingly effective contrasts. This example demonstrates fango's huge versatility. Brownish-grey colours team exceptionally well with classy black glass but equally with the darker woods. Here the desire for contemporary clarity and the integration of natural materials within the home environment creates a dream combination. Flat shelves illuminated by small energy-efficient LEDs promise atmospheric moments. The atmos model is the epitomy of living and cooking "reduced to the max"...