Cambia kitchen

Product Overview

Marked individuality

Handle-less throughout – this is the motto of this attractive kitchen-diner environment that has been stringently implemented right down to the last detail. In a cambia kitchen even the appliance technology stays discreetly in the background. Thus, the fully integrated dishwasher, for example, is only recognizable on taking a closer look. The same applies to the fridge.
Here the beautiful furniture fronts of the cambia are showcased in the popular colour arctic white soft lacquer. Moreover, rational offers its entire range of fronts also in any of the RAL colours or special colours. In this kitchen the wall units which are equipped with a power or mechanically-assisted opening system guarantee absolute convenience and ease of operation.

The compact cooking island with integrated kitchen bar has pride of place in the centre of the kitchen. The special appeal of this unconventional breakfast bar in walnut veneer can be attributed to its asymmetrical angle. The 170 mm thick, shock-proof and impact-resistant ceramic worktop in stylish basalt grey proves virtually indestructible. It creates a striking contrast to the filigree super-slim glass worktop running along the side of the wall. In this design the architectural composition of the cambia leans towards the classic timelessness of the Bauhaus style.

cambia emerald – straight from the catwalk to the kitchen

For centuries it has been revered as a sacred gemstone that only emperors, monarchs and popes were allowed to wear. Even today we still associate emerald green with regality, vitality, mental strength, creativity, social conviviality and the pleasure of wining and dining. Straight from the catwalk the expressive and popular fashion colour now struts its stuff on the kitchen scene. Green tones are bang on trend. The world-renown authority on colour and provider of colour systems, Pantone, declared the elegant green “Colour of the Year“.

Coupled with arctic-white and linden green, emerald in soft lacquer plays to its own strengths because, depending on the way the light falls, the linden green and emerald green fronts shimmer slightly different every time. Emerald as a lacquer colour is ideal for planning tone-in-tone colour schemes or for combining with a slightly toned-down linden green variant. This opens up a myriad of possibilities, as demonstrated by this design incorporating fluent transitions – from the kitchen run through to the living area featuring a striking wall combination. What’s special about the custom-made wall combination is its high degree of changeability. That’s why it will also appeal to younger target groups who welcome change and fresh, luminous colours.

In planning the wall shelving individual creativity is given virtually full rein. As a result, large areas can be combined with small ones and square areas with rectangular ones. What’s more, the entire wall configuration can be presented in different colours, toned down or in unicolours.