Casa kitchen

Product Overview

Casa kitchen - Born out of tradition and warmly appealing.

Mediterranean, cottage or shaker style adieu! Make way for casa. Whether classic or modern: this new country-house kitchen not only sets the standard but also demonstrates a clear fascination with Germany from the North Sea coast across central Germany to the south and east of the republic. Here regionality is the trump card. As the culinary centre and meeting place for its owners, casa is a dream-come-true for kitchen specialists who are encouraged to plan it in a highly personalized way and with a great deal of attention to detail.

Whereas in the casa country-house classic values such as tradition, charm and ambience vary according to region, based on high-quality stylistic elements, the casa country-house modern represents the trend towards a simple, natural way of life in the city in a timeless modern urban context.

The casa is a mix of modern classic and timeless home culture. The casa country-house classic in a combination featuring polar white and the new colour platinum grey exudes sophistication. It goes without saying that it is also available in all the rational soft lacquer colours as well as RAL and NCS colour shades. In order to underpin the classic character, the use of stylish details is encouraged. This includes such features as elegant glass display cabinets, shelving open at the side, 1.9 cm and 5 cm thick plank-effect side panels, midway shelves in stainless steel look and midway panels which on account of their special plank character attract immediate attention.

In a word: in the casa country-house classic German craftsmanship, tradition and high quality, as well as the old and the new converge in a fascinating fashion. Here cooking becomes a pleasurable, social event. Urban living, the move from the country back to the towns and cities, is regarded as one of the biggest trends of the 21st century. The casa country-house modern shows how the desire for a simple and close-to-nature lifestyle precisely in an urban environment can be realized in a superb way.

Natural materials, harmonized colour concepts and a young fresh design characterize this new German feel-good kitchen and its timeless aesthetics. Capanna represents a welcome addition to the framed fronts in polar white and blue. The charming wood decor is highly expressive and fits just as well into an old farmhouse setting as it does into a town loft environment. Today's country-house style dispenses with ornate gimmicks. What remains is the original idea of the country-house kitchen acting as the hub of the home where the entire family congregates.