Cosmo – Cult kitchen

Product Overview

Cosmo/Cult – Uniquely natural

On the basis of the cosmo and cult ranges with their incredible planning versatility, the two new and highly attractive veneers white glazed oak and brazil glazed oak take centre stage. Every front has its own unique character; it is an unmistakable slice of nature that inspires its owner time and again and emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of nature. Just as a walk in the forest can provide inspiration for new ideas, in the same way the cosmo/cult in white glazed oak and brazil glazed oak brings a slice of nature back into the home environment.

Even so, this designer living-dining kitchen is in no way aimed solely at nature lovers, the ecologically-minded or quality-conscious consumers. It appeals primarily to all those individualists who value uniqueness over perfection. In short: those who appreciate naturalness, quality and the unmistakable charm of real wood. Real wood is and remains as popular as ever. At rational it undergoes a finishing treatment in order to enhance the character and bring out the special qualities of the respective wood species. But it is first and foremost good, high-quality design that makes the fundamental difference.

The existing veneer concept has been significantly expanded. Besides the new veneers white glazed oak and brazil glazed oak – available with either vertical or horizontal grain – specialist kitchen dealers can choose from a variety of exquisite and unique real woods. Applying their expert planning skills and own individual style, these specialists can create living environments that bring the nature experience indoors – with an emphasis on lasting value, sustainability and ecological integrity.

The kitchen planned here looks really cool thanks to the alternating play between the cosmo framed fronts – for instance in the island solution – and the flat handle-less surfaces of the cult tall units. Interesting to note – even the built-in fridge is shown without handles. It is equipped with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical opening system.

The new attractive wall combination with open and closed elements does an excellent job of interlinking the areas of cooking, eating and living. Rectangular and square boxes as well as an emphasis on the vertical and horizontal lines lend this attractive shelving system instant appeal. Handle-less doors open with ease at a single touch, providing easy access to cabinet interiors. With the mechanical TIP-ON opening system a slight tap on the handle-less fronts is all that’s needed to allow the fronts, drawers and pull-outs to open with ease.

Cosmo - Charismatic & distinctive

Entering the stage with cosmo is a natural beauty that dispenses with frills but still manages to offer some exceedingly homely attributes. In this open-plan design holm oak and cappuccino soft lacquer work their magic to full effect. The striking holm oak decorative finish impresses on account of its distinctive graining, proving the perfect partner for the earthy cappuccino shade that predominates in the wall unit area. The result is a quality performance which besides the clear design language also delivers an array of delightful details, such as the generous storage space behind the elegant furniture fronts. Shelving set into the wall gives the room a real lived-in feeing, with flush routed bands of light serving as a smart light source. The stylish recess solution featuring variable shelving proves to be as practical as it is beautiful, since it utilizes every centimetre of space.