floo kitchen

Product Overview

Go with the floo...

The new workflow in the kitchen. Starting in 2015, world renowned designer Karim Rashid and German kitchen engineers at rational began a cooperation to jointly bring out a new kitchen design concept, combining the best of two worlds: Karim Rashid’s strong design and creativity plus rational’s keen eye on practical yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen solutions.

The highly anticipated result of this cooperation is called floo - a simple, minimalistic, but still rational kitchen design. It is inspired by round, natural shapes and strong, monolithic elements. The concept features a continuous radius detail that also functions as a handle. It is very gentle to touch and reminds one of an inviting hand gesture, acting as a friendly, human and engaging gesture. The shapes are so harmonious that a natural flow of energy seems to be radiating from them. The round shapes are supported by strong, mono-block storage elements with a clean and seamless look, seemingly continuing from counter to floor, creating a pure geometry to keep the kitchen in order and precise.

This new kitchen concept is one of its kind and combines true innovation with ingenious creativity. Whilst the color scheme - from the outside - is a shimmering white, the interior can be done in strong contrast colors, such as a cool dark purple and a warm zinc yellow for example. floo is presented as a „final prototype“, based on which rational will develop the retail product in the coming months for a world sales start in October 2016. Materials for the door fronts can either be DuPont Corian or rational’s soft lacquered range in a multitude of available colors. Worktops and accessories are also done in DuPont Corian, which was an easy choice after the general design was done. No other material has the ability for seamless connections and the type of round, elegantly formed shapes that are essential to this outstanding design.