ino(x) kitchen

Product Overview

ino(x) – wood & stainless steel: a sophisticated material symbiosis

Warm woods are the ideal partners for pairing up with stainless steel fronts. The exquisite looking book matched walnut veneer and the real stainless steel front ino(x) characterize the look of this high-end design.

When combined with wood, above all book matched veneer, kitchen fronts in stainless steel prove timeless classics. They bring together wood, the material traditionally used for cabinet doors, with modern easy-care stainless steel. A material mix of stainless steel and wood conveys a sense of high quality, durability and elegance, creating a look that is both natural and sophisticated at the same time. The wood exudes warmth which perfectly complements the more cooler character of stainless steel.

As far as absolute functionality is concerned, the kitchen planning scores top marks. Behind flexible inwards-sliding pocket doors various tall units featuring the passe|par|tout organization system, developed exclusively by rational, provide added value. Elegant walnut-framed glass shelves, storage trays, textile pockets and wine racks place entirely new accents. The wall unit area is framed either side by a custom-built panel shelving system in walnut, creating an exciting mix of open and closed compartments in doing so.