Onda kitchen

Product Overview

Onda kitchen – Life in the kitchen is perfect all round

With its finely curved fronts onda ranks as a true classic amongst rational’s broad range of kitchen designs. As if mimicking the motion of a wave, the furniture fronts gently taper off towards the top and bottom. Here white and copper harmonize superbly to create a homely ambience. The warm-lustrous shimmer of the appropriately apportioned copper lends the elegant-timeless colour white a hint of glamour. The reflections of the precious metal perfectly counterbalance the coolness of the white.

This lifestyle kitchen combines design and function in a superb fashion. The softly contoured tall units and the base units in the cooking island all offer plenty of storage space. What’s more, there’s no danger of hurting oneself on the dynamic rounding when working in the kitchen. Everything is ergonomically shaped and totally user-friendly, even the fleetwood graphite breakfast bar is discreetly rounded.
The wall-mounted base units of the sideboard take up onda‘s dynamic lines, elegantly continuing them into the living area in a virtually seamless transition.

The design kitchen onda focuses on a unique, entirely individual and aesthetically-appealing kitchen concept with rounded shapes, elegant black glass and attractive colour variants in soft and high-gloss lacquer. Taking centre stage is a dynamic line-work with softly appearing shapes. In doing so, the onda consciously distances itself from the strictly puristic design that has long since had its day. This soft styling is consistently repeated also in the accessory components, the elegant handles, side panels and wall shelves. Real eye-catchers are the impressive semi-circular cupboard elements which perfectly round off the onda's attractive appearance.
The onda is already regarded as a timeless classic, and based on this stylish black soft lacquer version, it’s easy to understand why. The onda's top grade soft lacquer fronts which are available in a wide range of colours, including the mystical colour purple, are extremely easy-care and light-fast. The environmentally-friendly and solvent-free soft lacquers produced by rational are all water-based. A special manufacturing process lends the lacquers a particularly uniform and velvety surface texture.

White is inspiring. Thoughts associated with openness, transparency and purity spring to mind. No surprise, therefore, that white ranks as Germany’s absolute favourite kitchen colour. Yet, the wide range of stereotype kitchens can easily become boring – unless both design and planning are refreshingly different and dare to depart from the mainstream, as is the case with this new lifestyle kitchen. With its aesthetically curvaceous lines and soft-looking shapes onda stands in stark contrast to the once dominant rigidly puristic design that has since run its course.

Making onda unique: the way in which the high-quality furniture fronts gently taper off towards the top and bottom, producing an attractive and unusual convex arching. It lends the designer-style kitchen diner an unmistakable touch and a hint of exclusivity.
The wall and tall units as well as the base unit in the cooking island are also softly rounded and all offer plenty of storage space. And the best part: there’s no risk of sustaining a nasty knock when working in the kitchen because the dynamic rounding are ergonomically sound and therefore user-friendly. The lifestyle kitchen has been perfectly though out right down to the smallest detail: even the handles and finished worktop edges are rounded, thereby successfully continuing the elegant lines. Together with the hi-tech appliances and innovative interior fittings, this kitchen fulfills the desire for functionality, convenience and a highly individual style of living.