tio kitchen

Product Overview

tio kitchen by Rational – living in harmony.

The tranquility exuded by a Japanese garden - combined with traditional wood craftsmanship and technical finesse. In keeping with the Zen tradition, in this "special edition" of our handle-less kitchen the natural balance of forces plays the leading role.

Arctic white as well as the extravagant and exceptional book matched veneer terra limed oak lend tio zen its own distinct natural aura of serenity. Together with steel and concrete an unbeatable combination. In this architecturally outstanding handle-less solution rational uses new side panel steel profiles. The overall impression is particularly elegant thanks to the finely tuned interplay of high-gloss lacquer and shades of grey.

The shelving, for example, presents itself in an elegant platinum grey, the worktop decor in concrete-look. Concrete, a cool-to-the-touch material, once the favourite of purist designers, increasingly influences the appearance of accessory components.

On opening the innovative inwards-sliding pocket doors, a stage for culinary creativity and variety unfolds behind the angled handle-less fronts. Concealed here is more than simply a built-in oven and steam cooker. The tio zen edition has been packed full of practical features. For instance, the new LEGRABOX together with the AMBIA-LINE inner dividing system offers ample storage space. The CONVOY Centro serves as the ideal larder for the storage of provisions. Additional storage space and user-friendliness is provided by the DISPENSA tall pantry pull-out. Further pleasant surprises, adding value to the kitchen, come in the form of clever accessories, such as cleaningAGENT and the storage marvel cookingAGENT, The former is a pick-up-and-go cleaning pull-out. The lift-out portable caddy serves as a practical organizer for cleaning materials, so that they’re always ready to hand wherever needed in the home.

Despite its slim dimensions, the flexible fully-extending base pull-out cookingAGENT that can be organized to suit individual needs, offers a huge amount of storage space. This intelligent base pull-out for the well-organized cook stores frequently used utensils and ingredients ready to hand. All the storage racks and containers are made of food-safe materials. They can be easily detached, cleaned and re positioned.