Topaz kitchen

Product Overview

The timelessly elegant colour white launches itself afresh and in terms of versatility and variability proves more effective than ever before. Likewise experiencing a successful revival is the colour copper.

A new dream team thus emerges, providing trendsetters on the furnishing front with inspiration for designing stylish kitchen diners. Many consumers dream of owning a white kitchen because this timeless classic colour is a true all-rounder that never goes out of fashion. It evokes positive associations, such as lightness and perfection, transparency and transcendence, purity and clarity, impeccability and resolve.

This all-round talent offering virtually endless combination possibilities proves that white is anything but bland and boring. What’s more, white lights up everything around it, making even small kitchen spaces appear more open, spacious and imposing.

Boasting lustre and versatility, copper - the new superstar in the furnishing firmament – also scores highly. This popular precious metal is quite literally making a gleaming comeback and impresses on account of the diverse range of both its appearance and application options: from high gloss to matt, brushed or smooth, in attractive shimmering nuances, such as rosé gold, vivid orange and red gold through to warm brown hues. And over time copper becomes even more unique and beautiful, thanks to its naturally forming patina. Used discreetly and with due consideration – e.g. as an architectural design element, attractive accessory, a selectively assigned colour accent or eye-catching periphery colour – copper and white form a formidable team.

And when combined with other materials, such as high-grade woods or natural stone and glass, comfortable kitchen diners can be created in an array of different styles: modern-urban, timelessly elegant, classic, nostalgic, vintage look or even shabby chic.

The topaz range demonstrates how wonderfully copper and supermatt black combine to create one of the most beautiful partnerships imaginable. The highly stylish presentation is based on an accomplished architectural mix of materials and colours, in which the new copper-coloured laminate front Dolomite is paired with supermatt topaz. The cutting-edge design solution picks up on two important trends: the trend towards copper and a new “seriousness“, represented by fronts in supermatt.

The new star in design heaven is copper. This cool metal with its warm rosé-golden tone puts in a surprising come-back and takes the living environment by storm. On account of its special vibrancy copper is virtually pre-destined for the kitchen, and for open-plan living styles in particular. Its elegantly gleaming surfaces – such as found in first-class hotels and elegant bars – make everything around them seem to sparkle. Another special feature of the Dolomite front is the variation in the shades of colour which, incidentally, is typical for this popular metal. Above all, when combined with the new supermatt black lacquered surface the copper-coloured Dolomite front is shown to its best advantage. It brings a modicum of glamour to the home and symbolizes elegance, style and enduring value.