Carcase and removable shelves

rational 22mm thick door

The rational carcase and removable shelves are made of 19 mm thick 3-layer quality particle board (E1) with a direct coating of high-quality velvet-white laminate on both sides.
This guarantees a long service life and a high degree of stability - particularly in the case of pull-outs.
In addition, the carcase front edges are provided with a protective thick edge.

Fronts 22mm thick

22mm tick doors on rational kitchens

Almost all the fronts have a material thickness of 22 mm.
As such the company provides customers with real added value in terms of the quality and combination variety of the various product lines.

Extremely sturdy hinges

rational 22mm thick door

In everyday use hinges and fittings are subjected to a great deal of stress.
That's why rational uses exclusively brand products from Blum which have passed all the simulated stress tests performed in the test lab.
This involves testing the service life of a hinge by subjecting it to as many as 200,000 door movements.

Melamine / laminate

rational fitted kitchen

Melamine is a proven way of finishing derived timber products.
Here several layers of melamine resin (natural resin) impregnated paper (decorative layer and backing) are directly bonded to a high-quality substrate, thus producing an extremely hard wearing, highly resistant surface.
At rational these materials are used for decorative surfaces, such as fronts, carcase and worktops, which are exposed to extreme wear and tear.

Optimum hanging system

rationals wall unit hanging system

All wall-mounted units and shelving are supplied with high-quality sturdy steel hanging systems.
The easy adjustment function is particularly installation-friendly.

Soft and high-gloss lacquer

rational kitchen high gloss

The soft lacquer produced at rational is a water-based paint that is free from solvents and therefore extremely eco-friendly.
A special process gives the soft lacquers an even, soft-textured surface.
Thanks to UV technology the soft lacquer is extremely light fast and easy to clean.
Its excellent chemical resistance is confirmed by the product-testing institute, LGA QualiTest GmbH.


rational veneer

Veneered means that a thin layer composed of individual strips of fine quality wood is glued and pressed to the surface of a high-quality substrate.
Book-matched veneers look particularly classy.
In this process the veneer for a kitchen is selected from one single tree trunk and put together specifically for the fronts of that particular kitchen.
This ensures that there is a harmonious and uninterrupted matching of the grain pattern across all the fronts. Thus every kitchen produced in this way has its own unique appearance.

Safety glass

Atmos glass door

The types of glass used are subjected to special glass breakage tests according to DIN/EN 1153 (safety requirements and test methods for built-in and free-standing kitchen units).
Most of the glass used by rational is safety glass.


rational kitchen matt

Super-matt lacquer with its saturated colour and calming effect, boasting a unique level of sheen close to zero, impresses on account of the subtle softness of both its look and feel.
No reflections are produced, allowing the eye to focus fully on the furniture’s shapes and forms.
What’s more, the surface, lacquer finished in a patented process, offers a high degree of resistance, thereby affording matt surfaces exceptional durability.


kitchen ergonomics

To ensure that working in the kitchen doesn't become a back-breaking experience, rational offers its units, plinths and worktops in a choice of different heights to meet individual requirements.
The key factor to choosing the ergonomically correct working height is the height of the elbows when bent.
The AMK (Work Group "Modern Kitchen”) recommends that the distance between the worktop and the elbows when bent should be 15 cm.

Custom solutions / specials

rational kitchen custom made

Rational kitchens GB offers nearly unlimited planning freedom for any room situation.
The availability of a high degree of custom solutions means that many special requests can be met.

Planning variety

kitchen planning

Individuality is the key! With a broad range of product lines, finishes and cupboard options rational offers you the scope to realize your own personal kitchen.
Added to this is a host of design elements that help to make your dream kitchen a reality.
Many product lines come in variable widths and heights.

Quality mark "Golden M"

golden m quality

Rational  kitchensis one of the first kitchen manufacturers to have been awarded the "Golden M", quite possibly Europe's most important quality mark.
The Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.“ (German Quality Assurance Association) only awards the "Golden M" to furniture which has passed extensive and stringent testing.
The furniture must be sturdy, safe, durable and well made and may not contain any substances that could pose a health threat.
This gives the kitchen consumer the assurance that the furniture being purchased is of the best possible quality and has been reliably tested and approved as being non-harmful to health.

5 Year guarantee


In order to illustrate our high quality standard, we voluntarily extend to our contracting parties a 5-year guarantee covering free-of-charge replacements with regard to the product's functionality and quality of workmanship for any proven cases of manufacturing or material defects.

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